Headteacher Appraisal


This support add-on will provide you with guidance of a Grow Performance Manager to ensure that your HTPM review is carried out in line with current regulations. It can be included as part of your existing Oak, Beech or Cedar support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to order this service as part of your existing support package*, please contact us ›

* If you would like to include this in your existing School Support package but do not have sufficient time available, then you can upgrade your current package instead of purchasing this add-on. Please contact us for more information

It is great to be able to use one of our Grow School Improvement days for Headteacher Performance Management. The advice is always of high quality. The consultant went out of his way to find a time which was convenient for us all within a short timescale. He took the time to listen to us all and his experience was invaluable in agreeing my objectives.

How it works:

Maintained schools are required to appoint an external adviser for guidance, support and consultation on establishing headteacher appraisal objectives.

All of our Performance Managers are accomplished education professionals or have previously been headteachers with extensive experience of working with governing bodies and headteachers.

After meeting with the headteacher and the panel, they will help formulate clear objectives that are appropriate to your school’s context, your headteacher’s level of experience and meet the requisite criteria of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-Bound.

As a supportive and developmental statutory process, your headteacher’s appraisal process should underpin your school’s ambition for continuous improvement.

If you would like to explore other options or have a particular requirement or need to discuss, please contact us here ›

Your adviser will:

Guide & advise

throughout the appraisal process, including agreeing dates and times

Be professional & impartial

as they support, question & challenge

Analyse available evidence

to monitor progress against set objectives

Meet with

the headteacher and the appraisal panel

Expertly summarise data information

to have a clear understanding of how the school is performing

Support the panel

in interpreting the relevant information and data

Be suitably skilled and experienced

with a good understanding of the appraisal process and the setting of objectives

Retain confidentiality

understanding the importance of maintaining confidence at all times

Please note:

  • To order this support add-on, you must be registered with us.
  • Our prices are quoted exclusive of VAT @ 20%.
  • This support add-on is valid for an academic year.
  • Renewal is automatic until you notify us of your intent to cancel.
  • Other terms and conditions may also apply.

Our focus review, governance and headteacher’s appraisal support add-ons are designed to supplement our School Support packages. Together they offer full flexibility, allowing us to be responsive to the specific needs of your school, while retaining our high standards of advice and expertise. Add-ons can be included as part of your existing threesix or twelve days support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to include them as part of your existing support package, or upgrade to a package with more time, please contact us for more information ›

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