School Improvement

We are passionate about helping schools to be the best that they can be, by working with leaders to identify strengths & next steps by ensuring that the right strategies are in place.

The level of leadership support received has always been of a very high standard, especially in terms of reviews, performance management and realising your own vision for the school. The moderation sessions and feedback have been invaluable and these have further strengthened the middle leadership capacity within our school.

Providing the highest level of expertise, advice and guidance, our School Support packages and support add-ons can be flexibly tailored to suit your school’s context or individual development needs.

Whether you choose three, six or twelve days for your annual school improvement package, you can also select one of our add-ons to complement this. These can be included as part of your existing School Support package, or purchased separately, depending on your priorities. Add-ons range from focus reviews on a chosen topic, support for your governors or the services of an external adviser for your headteacher’s appraisal, thereby giving you full flexibility in facing the challenges of an ever-changing educational landscape.

If you would like to include our add-ons as part of your existing support package, or perhaps upgrade to a larger package with more days, please contact us for more information ›

School Support Package: 3 Day (Oak)

Our entry level package of support and guidance to help improve outcomes for your school and your pupils.

School Support Package: 6 Day (Beech)

Our second tier of support giving the benefit of more time to have an in-depth look at specific strategic areas.

School Support Package: 12 Day (Cedar)

Our definitive package - ideal for those requiring significant help to build immediate & effective improvements.

Support Add-On: Focus Review

Providing the benefit of the rigour of an external assessment on a variety of topics.

Support Add-On: Headteacher Appraisal

Providing the guidance of a Grow performance manager for your HTPM review

Support Add-On: Governance

Helping governing bodies develop their strengths while identifying areas for improvement.

Need a fresh perspective? Identified an area of development?
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