This support add-on will provide you with a bespoke review of your EYFS provision to help you ensure that all aspects are of the highest quality. It can be included as part of your existing Oak, Beech or Cedar support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to order this service as part of your existing support package*, please contact us ›

* If you would like to include this in your existing School Support package but do not have sufficient time available, then you can upgrade your current package instead of purchasing this add-on. Please contact us for more information

The consultant’s expertise affirmed our own evaluation of where we needed to develop practice. Her practical ideas and discussion with the team has really helped to provide clarity on where we need to go next. Not only has it been useful to validate much of what we are trying to do in school, it has also been good to have lots of support for our next steps. Really great to talk through the thinking.

How it works:

The review will explore all aspects of your provision, identifying strengths and areas for further development. Additionally it will support school leaders in planning ahead to ensure outstanding practices for the benefit of all children.

Depending on the size of your school and your specific requirements, it is likely to take anything between half a day to two days and can consist of:

  • preparation
  • time spent in school with the EYFS leader and/or teachers
  • report writing

It will be conducted either by our highly experienced consultants or existing outstanding practitioners, according to your wishes.

We are aware that every school has its own unique context, so if you would like to explore other options or have a particular requirement or need to discuss, please contact us here ›

The review will assess:

Safeguarding & welfare

to ensure children’s wellbeing and foster positive relationships

Assessment processes

to ensure a high‑quality provision through accurate self-evaluation & planning

Learning environments

providing a stimulating and enabling environment

Interactions with children

to help staff develop into sustainable, high-quality teams with strong practices

Quality of education

identifying strategies to support development & progress, including the most vulnerable or disadvantaged

Quality of leadership & management

identifying key priorities & recommendations to drive improvement

Statutory compliance

focussing on all aspects, outlining strengths and key areas for development

Practices and systems

to ensure that they are effective, fit for purpose and up to date

Please note:

Our focus review, governance and headteacher’s appraisal support add-ons are designed to supplement our School Support packages. Together they offer full flexibility, allowing us to be responsive to the specific needs of your school, while retaining our high standards of advice and expertise. Add-ons can be included as part of your existing threesix or twelve days support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to include them as part of your existing support package, or upgrade to a package with more time, please contact us for more information ›

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