Bespoke Support

In addition to our support services and training courses, we can also help with any specific training and development needs that you may have.

What I like about Grow is that you always have extremely high-calibre trainers who have experience in schools practising what they talk about. It’s a highly respected and trusted service and I'm always recommending your services to colleagues.
The review was immensely useful and the consultants’ skills were very well matched to our needs. They were able to validate our concerns and even helped us identify some other areas for improvement. Thank you for finding such great experts for us. Please sign us up for the early reading audit too.

How it works:

We provide guidance and advice across a wide range of curriculum and leadership areas.

We understand that every school has its own context and will try, wherever possible, to provide the support that you require.

Our aim is to offer full flexibility and depending on your requirements, we will find expert consultants and excellent practitioners to meet your school’s needs. Mini CVs can be provided upon request. They will:

  • observe, evaluate & scrutinise
  • offer guidance on how to improve
  • provide verbal feedback

This will be followed up with a comprehensive report, summarising key findings and noting key strengths and with clear identified improvement aspects.

In the event that training is required, this can be delivered in school or to a cluster of schools and MATs.

We can assist with:

Teaching and learning reviews

to review consistency of approach across the school and/or to support school improvement priorities

Phonics & Reading

including early reading audits, reading support & guided reading across all key stages

Curriculum subject reviews

including Mathematics, Writing moderation, Science & Computing

EYFS reviews

to ensure compliance with statutory guidelines


whole school reviews and advice including mental health & wellbeing

Whole school stakeholder audits

looking at current strengths and next steps

School vision

analysis and development to ensure pertinence and relevance

Peer-to-peer reviews

assisting schools and linking school leaders to work in groups to support one another