Whatever your school’s context, our Governance review and support options can help governing bodies identify areas for improvement while developing existing strengths.

Having engaged other providers to conduct GB reviews & training sessions, I keep coming back to Grow. Their knowledge is always up to date, the advice dependable and the style of delivery engaging and above all, inspiring. It’s good to have that support and validation.
As a new Head, it was incredibly helpful to audit our strengths as a governing body and to identify the areas we need to further develop. The review of governance with the guidance and the Grow supported us in restructuring our committees whilst ensuring our Governing Body continued to further utilise their strengths and more efficiently fulfil their statutory duties.

We can help governors:

  • become more skilled, focused and effective.
  • understand the appropriate balance of challenge and support when holding leaders to account.
  • ensure the right range of skills and experience are in place.
  • be confident about the delineation of roles and responsibilities.
  • have greater clarity in the shared vision for the school.

We can support with a full board review, bespoke reviews, supported self-evaluation, in-school training sessions and any additional need you may have. Costings are based on the time taken but in general, they are:

  • Full external review: 2 1/2 days.
  • Bespoke reviews or supported self-evaluation: minimum of 1 day based on the agreed focus.
  • In-school training sessions: minimum of 2 hours.

NEW for 2022: We are providing Governor Safeguarding Awareness courses throughout the year, in reflection of the key role governors play in ensuring that schools and colleges are safe places for young people to learn.

We can assist with:

Full external board review

in line with the National College for Teaching & Leadership’s process in examining effective governance practice

Bespoke reviews

offering a tailored approach based on identified aspects

Supported self-evaluation

supporting the board in a self-evaluation exercise

Additional training

strategic focus in a school setting

Tailored support

of topics identified for improvement

Improving governance

to ensure clarity of vision, ethos, strategic direction, financial probity when holding school leaders to account

Continuous development

to allow governors to contribute effectively

Driving school improvement

helping governors understand their strategic role

Our focus review, governance and headteacher’s appraisal support add-ons are designed to supplement our School Support packages. Together they offer full flexibility, allowing us to be responsive to the specific needs of your school, while retaining our high standards of advice and expertise. Add-ons can be included as part of your existing threesix or twelve days support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to include them as part of your existing support package, or upgrade to a package with more time, please contact us for more information ›

Need some specialist advice? Looking to drive improvement?
We can help with strategic consultancy & advice.