Leadership Programmes

Courses and programmes are now available to book for 2023/2024. Our 20% discount remains for every extra place booked on the same course or programme.

Our highly regarded, comprehensive and in-depth leadership programmes are designed for educators at pivotal stages of their career, offering them an invaluable opportunity to build on their existing skills.

Having attended the Senior Leadership and Challenge of Headship courses myself (as well as many other courses) I know when I send my staff on courses, or when I arrange a Grow whole staff INSET, that my staff are going to receive quality CPD. I know this will impact positively on their own practice, the practice of others and ultimately truly benefit the children in my school.

Our highly regarded and long-standing leadership programmes offer practical professional development to support leaders at every stage of their career. Each programme aligns with the corresponding  NPQ domains so that, when completed, leaders can then elect to deepen their knowledge of educational research in the longer, complementary NPQ.  We have created a simple flowchart to support leaders in deciding the most suitable programme for themselves and their staff.  Grow Leadership Programmes: Working in Conjunction with the NPQ programmes

Middle Leadership

Our 3 day Middle Leadership Programme designed to support those newly appointed or aspiring to middle leadership

Senior Leadership

Our 6 day Senior Leadership Programme designed to support those newly appointed or aspiring to senior leadership


Our 6 day Challenge of Headship Programme designed to support those newly appointed to or aspiring to headship

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