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This support add-on will provide you with a bespoke review to help you ensure that the teaching of your focus curriculum subject(s) is of the highest quality. It can be included as part of your existing Oak, Beech or Cedar support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to order this service as part of your existing support package*, please contact us ›

* If you would like to include this in your existing School Support package but do not have sufficient time available, then you can upgrade your current package instead of purchasing this add-on. Please contact us for more information

The review provided a great opportunity to re-shape our approach. We had the time to reflect on the subject area, what is going well and what we still need to refine. We felt we were in safe hands and given great realistic advice on how to improve further. This has been so helpful and already, we are far clearer on where we need to go next in terms of our curriculum.

How it works:

The review will be conducted by our consultants who are highly experienced in the focused subject area under scrutiny. They will guide you in analysing available evidence, identifying any development needs and delivering effective strategies to bring about changes with lasting impact.

Based on a one form entry school, it is likely to take two days in total, consisting of:

  • one half day preparation
  • one day in school
  • one half day report writing

We can also offer based on an agreed focus, a one-day review where appropriate, to provide you with ongoing verbal feedback and a brief record of visit. For two or three form entry schools, there will be two days spent in school, making a total of three days.

The process of a curriculum subject(s) review can be a valuable developmental tool for your school and you can be assured of our support and expertise at all stages.

If you would like to explore other options or have a particular requirement or need to discuss, please contact us here ›

The review will assess:

Key themes

when looking at pupils’ outcomes in reading

Quality of phonics teaching & learning

and how this impacts on reading and writing

Professional development needs of staff

to enhance the quality of the literacy learning environment

School’s reading scheme

to ensure 100% decodable texts are given to practise early reading

Opportunities to apply phonics

knowledge & skills to promote a joy of reading

Leaders’ action plans

to ensure a focus on phonics, reading and writing

The school’s approach

towards developing pupils’ vocabulary

Action planning

evaluating strategies essential to drive improvement

Please note:

Our focus review, governance and headteacher’s appraisal support add-ons are designed to supplement our School Support packages. Together they offer full flexibility, allowing us to be responsive to the specific needs of your school, while retaining our high standards of advice and expertise. Add-ons can be included as part of your existing threesix or twelve days support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to include them as part of your existing support package, or upgrade to a package with more time, please contact us for more information ›

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