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Our bespoke HR Support package provides detailed advice and guidance in all aspects of employment across the education sector, to help you overcome any human resources challenges you face.

* NOTE: LDBS schools are eligible for a subsidy which will be reflected in your final invoice

As an experienced headteacher taking on the challenge of a failing school, I was extremely appreciative of the guidance, time and dedication provided by the HR team. Their support boosted my confidence in the actions to be taken and they were always there to provide ongoing support.

Guide price (1st April 2023):

Size of school
Costs from
Form of Entry: 0.5
Form of Entry: 1
Form of Entry: 2
Form of Entry: 3
Form of Entry: Secondary

We can help with:

Employment law

all aspects including discipline and grievance

Managing organisational change

including performance, capability and attendance management

Dealing with parental complaints

including mediation between members of staff, parents and the school

Negotiation of agreements

including settlements and terms and conditions for teaching & non-teaching staff

Establishing effective working relationships

with trade unions & TUPE on outsourcing

Attendance at hearings

including governors' HR hearings and pay appeals

Dedicated support and advice

from your named HR link adviser including unlimited telephone & email support and guidance, 5 days/week

On-site training, audit & access

including review of staff files, SCR, admin systems plus access to current LDBS policies, documents & resources

Buying into our HR Support package will give you free access to our focused HR training courses, our HT training as well as other networking opportunities. In addition, we can help with contract preparation, planning for HR hearings, DBS checking, payroll and occupational health pay-as-you-go services.

If you have a particular HR requirement or need, or would simply like to discuss other options, please contact us here ›

Please note:

  • This support package is valid for one academic year.
  • Renewal is automatic until you notify us of cancellation.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply.
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