Focus Review

Covering a variety of topics, our focus reviews offer the benefit of the rigour of an external assessment, by recognising school strengths, and making recommendations for improvement so as to secure strong practice

Robust, challenging and effective: the Grow visits have been beneficial to my development as a leader and provided a positive learning experience. Grow's advisers are committed to enabling school leaders to improve outcomes for children. They recognise and acknowledge the hard work and determination of school staff and provide challenge as critical friends who offer new suggestions.

Our focus review, governance and headteacher’s appraisal support add-ons are designed to supplement our School Support packages. Together they offer full flexibility, allowing us to be responsive to the specific needs of your school, while retaining our high standards of advice and expertise. Add-ons can be included as part of your existing threesix or twelve days support package if time allows, or purchased separately. If you would like to include them as part of your existing support package, or upgrade to a package with more time, please contact us for more information ›

Phonics & Literacy

Ensuring that the provision and teaching of Phonics & Early Reading is of the highest quality

Curriculum Subject

Analysing, diagnosing & delivering effective strategies to bring about changes with lasting impact

Safeguarding Review

Half day health check or full review to evaluate and embed safeguarding procedures & culture

Early Years Foundation

Exploring EYFS provision to ensure compliance & outstanding practices for pupils' benefit

How it works:

To ensure that you receive high quality feedback on your chosen aspect, external review frameworks will be agreed in partnership and key areas that may need intervention will be assessed, identified and prioritised. Depending on the size of your school, and the focus of the review, we will:

  • agree the format of the review e.g. one or two consultants, number of days in total etc
  • discuss your required approach e.g. coaching style working with senior staff
  • find you the best consultant(s) for your needs
  • ask the consultant to contact you to agree focus aspects and agree the format of the day

On the day, you will receive verbal feedback of strengths and improvement aspects. Shortly after, you will receive a written report, which will include the identified strengths and areas for you to work on. Where appropriate, supporting resources and opportunities to view best practice in other Grow supported schools will be shared with you too.

Our focus review support add-on is also suitable for those schools who wish to commission an independent review of their practices to obtain a clearer picture of performance.

If you would like to explore other options or have a particular requirement or need to discuss, please contact us here ›

The review will include:

Overall evaluation

of your school’s achievements in the specified review aspect

Scrutiny & moderation

to evaluate and identify any causes for concern

Enquiry & analysis

to determine targetted strategies for improvement

Expert support

for subject leader and staff in identified areas

Prioritising of areas

to ensure that the right intervention is applied effectively

Clarity & validation

in ensuring best practice and the right strategies are in place

Reassurance & corroboration

that key priorities and areas that may need intervention are identified

A fuller understanding

of how your school is performing
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