Data Protection Support : Service Renewal & Pricing Update

Following extensive consultation with key stakeholders, we have taken the decision to move the service renewal date for our Data Protection Support package from June to September.

This change will take effect from September 2021. To align existing schools with this renewal date, for this year alone, the service will be valid for 15 months. To help illustrate this change, we have broken down the pricing as follows:

Data Protection Support package (1st June 2020 – 31st August 2021)
£1,150 + £287 = £1,437 (12 months + 3 months = 15 months)

You will note that new pricing represents an increase on the two previous years.

At Grow, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of service, whilst still remaining a non-profit organisation. In order to do so, we occasionally need to adjust our pricing to reflect the costs of running this service.

This increase will help support our expansion of core elements including online support, topical newsletters and up-to-date training, which will remain free to all our subscribers.

We appreciate that school budgets are facing extreme pressures in the current climate but we feel that, even with this change in pricing, our support package remains highly competitive when compared to other options on the market.