Race, Identity & School Leadership Programme


This year-long school improvement programme is designed for leaders in education who want to impact leadership policy and practice, while creating change and new possibilities in their organisations.

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“If you have the privilege of working within and leading a school community, it is vital that you understand the nature of your own race and identity as well as that of the diverse community you serve. It is vital for leaders to be both racially literate and culturally competent if everyone in the community is to flourish, and if parents are to have the confidence that the school provides an anti-racist environment.

Race, equality and social justice have now been firmly placed back on the agenda and schools are at the forefront as agents for change. Headteachers and senior school leaders have a key role to play in making this happen, by providing opportunities to explore issues of identity and integrity, and by examining organisational structures and processes which address inequalities in the context of their own school setting. The objectives of this course include:

  • Identifying key principles of racial equality & social justice and what best practice looks like in individual contexts
  • Questioning & reflecting on the prevailing narratives that have shaped the discourse on race, identity, education & the achievement of Black pupils
  • Using a narrative enquiry framework to identify how to create personal & organisational narratives that support the achievement of Black pupils
  • Equipping senior leaders with the necessary psychological & emotional tools to have honest conversations about race
  • Increasing leaders own sense of personal agency & ability to act as an agent of change

Consisting of 3 core elements – race & pedagogy workshops, reflective enquiry and introductory & final evaluation sessions – the programme has been especially designed to provide a safe space for sharing, reflecting and developing confidence, understanding and expertise.

A range of themes will be covered, including:

School culture & practises

Identifying practises to keep and those that need to changes

Conversations about race

Discussing race in a school setting & staying present to the conversation

Race & Identity

Exploring the narratives that shape our identity, behaviours & attitudes

Colour blindness

Understanding why difference matters

Developing an anti-racist identity

Exploring how as leaders we can act as active agent for change

Committing to action

Formulating an integrated plan of action

Covering a wide selection of topics including Strategic Improvement, Curriculum, SEND, Safeguarding & Mental Health, CE Schools & SIAMsHR and Data Protection, our professional development provision offers high quality training coupled with exceptional value for money. As with our Leadership, ECT Training, Teaching RE and Race, Identity & School Leadership programmes, all are specialist led and incorporate current recommendations and accepted good practice to ensure stimulating and inspiring sessions for all participants.

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