Inspiring Anti-Racist Leadership

We are delighted to offer this year-long Inspiring Anti-Racist Leadership programme as a follow on to our Race, Identity & Leadership programme.

Kindly note: pricing will be confirmed on application and will be costed based on the number of attendees

This programme is spread over the course of the year and is designed to support inspiring anti-racist leadership. Comprising of race & pedagogy workshops, reflective enquiry, coaching and evaluative sessions, it has been designed to provide a safe space for sharing, reflecting and developing confidence, understanding and expertise.

Kindly note schools must complete the Race, Identity & Leadership programme before signing up to this programme. If you have already done so and would like to continue onto the Inspiring Anti-Racist Leadership programme, please send us your enquiry by filling in our contact form >

Combatting racism is on-going work and that is work that benefits from; supportive relationships, inspiration from others and a continued commitment to one’s own personal development.

This enhanced leadership development programme is for schools that have completed the Race, Identity and School Leadership programme. It is designed to help consolidate practice, further learning and maintain momentum towards creating truly anti-racist schools.

The key aims of this programme is to help school leaders to:

  • continue to grow and strengthen their racial literacy skills
  • maximise and maintain their capacity to act as agents of change
  • help embed systemic change across the teaching profession, so that all our children can inherit a more fair and equitable society
  • connect with other school leaders who have gone on a similar journey and build a network of like minded peers

A range of themes will be covered, including:

Culture & practises

Discuss and problem-solve common challenges
Share, explore and learn best practice
Build upon past learning

Conversations about race

Explore in-depth topics and issues
Keep up to date with research in the field

Race & Identity

Explore both the personal and professional dimensions of anti-racist school leadership

Committing to action

Consider how to build better relationships

Covering a wide selection of topics including Strategic Improvement, Curriculum, SEND, Safeguarding & Mental Health, CE Schools & SIAMsHR and Data Protection, our professional development provision offers high quality training coupled with exceptional value for money. As with our Leadership, ECT Training, InspiREd RE and Race, Identity & School Leadership programmes, all are specialist led and incorporate current recommendations and accepted good practice to ensure stimulating and inspiring sessions for all participants.

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